Live Reports and Interviews – NEW!!

On this page you can find all the Live Reports of AciD FLavoR’s performances and all their interviews.

Sur cette page vous trouverez tous les Live Reports des concerts d’AciD FLavoR et toutes leurs interviews.

@ Animansion

Live Report by Mikan Music (french)

Gaga-chan’s Live Report (french)

Interview by Mikan Music (french)

Interview by Nippon Project (french)

Interview by J-Brunch (english)

@ Japan Expo 2008

Interview by JaME (french)

Interview by Asia-Tik (french)

Live Report by Trinity (french)

Live Report by Orient-Extrême (french)

European AciD Tour

Interview by Nippon Project (french) – Liège

Live report by Trinity (french) – Liège

Press article [04-11-2008] in the local newspaper “Le Courrier” (french) – Mouscron

Live report by Shiroitan (french) – Paris

Live report by Orient Extrême (french) – Paris

Interview by Orient Extrême (french) – Paris

Live report by JaME (french) – Paris

Interview by JaME (french) – Paris


Interview by JaME (french)

Ryo Fujimura – interview by Ambi-Japan (french)

Ryo Fujimura – interview by Nippon Project (french)

Ryo Fujimura – live report by Trinity – Secret Place/Montpellier (french)

Ryo Fujimura – interview by Jrock Revolution (english)

Ryo Fujimura – interview by Nippon Zasshi (dutch) —-> NEW!!

Ryo Fujimura – live report by Nippon Zasshi – Péniche Fulmar/Brussels (dutch) —-> NEW!!

Ryo Fujimura – live report by Trinity – Péniche Fulmar/Brussels (French) —-> NEW!!