Last concert!

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Hey AciD FLavoR fans!

As you know, the group has disbanded on 1st February 2010. For the fans, the members will give the last concert on 22nd May 2010 at Nishi Kawaguchi Hearts! For those who are in Japan, do not miss them!!

Thanks to all for your support !!

Trinity, Street Team leader.


AciD FLavoR, the end

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We regrettably have to announce the breaking up of the band AciD FLavoR, on February 1st if 2010. Please find here the translation of Ryo Fujimura’s official message.

I thank you for your support for me Ryo Fujimura and AciD FLavoR.

Today, hereby we regrettably have to inform you that in regard as AciD FLavoR`s activities from now on, we entirely have no particular future plans such as producing/releasing the new materials nor doing any live shows any more.

As a matter of fact, therefore, it goes without saying that our activity actually thus had terminated. In the meanwhile, somehow the dissolution mistakenly hadn`t been announced on the date we`ve decided beforehand for releasing on our official website, which all of ourselves have been bewildered with the inefficient handling. We sincerely apologize that such an delaying incident ever occurred.

No any particular reason to mention on what grounds the braking up had been decided will be provided by us, nor will we refer to one evermore. Since no any passion had been left among rest of the members to hold even the last show, I despairingly have to admit to deny all the possibilities.

On and after this year, I`ll be intent on my solo-activities as RYO FUJIMURA in various fields, your dedicated support would be,therefore, much appreciated.

Ryo Fujimura / ex. the guitarist & leader of AciD FLavoR

AciD FLavoR, the return?

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Hey Folks!

Hope you are still waiting for the return of our favorite Japaneses band AciD FLavoR! Well, maybe they are coming to Europe at the end of the year (^o^) !

So, stay tuned!

Salut à tous,

J’espère que vous êtes toujours en train d’attendre le retour d’AciD FLavoR! Eh bien, je peux vous dire qu’ils vont peut-être revenir d’ici fin 2009 (^o^) !

Restez connectés!

New live report!

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2 live reports on Ryo Fujimura’s concert at Péniche Fulmar in Brussels are available! They were written by Nippon Zasshi (Dutch) and Trinity (French).

2 live reports sur le concert de Ryo Fujimura à la Péniche Fulmar à Bruxelles sont désormais disponibles! Ils ont été rédigés par Nippon Zasshi (néerlandais) et par Trinity (français).


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Few news about AciD FLavoR and Ryo Fujimura!

A new album will be released on 17th JuneAciD FLavoR Best” in Japan. As you can see, it’s a sort of best of album of the band but there will be also 3 unreleased songs!
To hear the song of this Best of album —>

You may be already aware, but AciD FLavoR will perform on 20th July 2009 at DESEO Shibuya (JP). At the moment, there are no concerts fixed in Europe yet.

This summer Ryo Fujimura will release his first album! It will be a double album, one CD with acoustic music and the other with electric guitar.

The shop Coco Japan organizes a 100 % Japan-party “Coco Japan” with DJ Khimaira!
This party will be held on 18th June in Brussels (B)

Hotel Orts Café
rue Auguste Orts 38-40
1000 Brussels

more info:

Stay tuned!

Voici quelques nouvelles d’AciD FLavoR et de Ryo Fujimura!

Un nouvel album sortira le 17 juin au Japon, intitulé “AciD FLavoR Best“. Ce sera un album avec toutes leurs meilleures chansons dont 3 inédites!
Pour écouter les chansons du Best of album —>

Certains sont peut-être déjà au courant, mais AciD FLavoR (Ryo inclus évidemment) donnera un concert au Japon le 20 juin 2009 à DESEO Shibuya. Sinon pas de nouvelles concernant un concert éventuel en Europe….

Autre nouvelle, cette fois-ci, de Ryo! Il sortira prochainement son premier album qui est un album double, un CD acoustique et l’autre électrique, tous 2 avec chant. L’album est normalement prévu pour juillet…ou août.

Dernière nouvelle, mais cette fois-ci de Râmen Events. Le jeudi 18 juin, à Bruxelles, la boutique Coco Japan organise une soirée 100 % Japon, “Coco Japan” avec DJ Khimaira aux platines! Tout style de vêtements est la bienvenue!

Hotel Orts Café
rue Auguste Orts 38-40
1000 Bruxelles

Au programme:
– concerts et performances,
– un concours du plus beau style d’inspiration japonaise,
– un voyage au Japon à gagner,
– véritables goodies et snacks japonais à l’entrée
– ….

Plus d’informations viendront sur

Thanks to all of you!

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Thanks to all of you for being present during Ryo’s Euro Tour! But no worries, he will return soon!

Merci à tous pour avoir été présents durant la tournée européenne de Ryo! Ne vous inquiétez pas, il sera vite de retour!

Ryo in Montpellier!

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It is now official! Ryo Fujimura will be present at the convention “Japan Sun” on Saturday day 2nd May at 7.30 pm

venue: Centre culturel José Janson in Fabrègues (Montpellier)

more info:

C’est maintenant officiel! Ryo Fujimura sera présent au salon “Japan Sun” le samedi 2 mai à 19h30.

Lieu: Centre Culuturel José Janson à Fabrègues (Montpellier)

plus d’infos: